Location & Opening

Shopping at Mary & Martha in Mongolia

We're in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, on Peace Avenue a door or so away from Cafe Amsterdam and our main shop about 50 meters off Peace Avenue near Cashmere House ... Please see the Map below for directions to our two shops or view Contact Us page for written directions.

Open at minimum 11am - 6pm 7 days a week.

Currently open 10.30am - 6.30pm
7 days a week.
We stay open after 6.30pm, for genuinely serious shoppers!
We will extend opening hours further during high season.

The main branch is right next to The French Bakery (La Boulange but often changing its name as different businesses come and go) just off Peace Avenue by Cashmere House.

Just look for our huge 8 meter x 3 meter sign as you walk West to East on Peace from the State Department Store - back up soon after a long enforced time away.  

Of course you pass our smaller branch when walking from the State Department State, so please pop in.

Contact us by phone:  English                    99725297  Irene known as Mary
                                 Mongolian / English  94972136  Marketing Manager         
                                 Mongolian / English  95750260  Main Shop
                                 Mongolian / English  95400280  Peace Avenue Shop
Email:                          info.mmmongolia@gmail.com
Web:                           www.mmmongolia.com

During May through September look out for our leaflet girls who can point you in the right direction - You'll see them during the day from the main Post Office or near the State Department store or even near the Circus.

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